We are a key player in social, business and natural organizations.
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We started our journey as a company in 1995 and were pioneers in Argentina with services in Pressure Vessels Inspection, Environmental Monitoring and Laboratory Analysis, as well as Environmental Management.
As an organization we strive to build close and collaborative relationships with our clients across multiple industries. With our team of over 30 specialists, we help clients achieve their specific requirements related to environmental matters. Our proactive involvement allows us to tackle the different types of challenges presented.

All the services we provide at ECOTEC are in continuous interaction and articulation to produce reliable, custom and precise solutions.

We believe in and promote sustainability, diversity, continuous improvement and teamwork as fundamental bases of our organization. 

Our history


ECOTEC CONSULTORES S.A. is founded as a company specialized in Pressurized Vessels Inspection.


Two new areas were created: Environmental Monitoring and Environmental Management.


We become certified ISO 9000.


Our Analytical Laboratory was opened.


Opening of the new Ecotec Headquarters, to harbour our Laboratory, Pressurized Valve Calibration and Consulting activities.


The Environmental Management System was certified under ISO 14000.​​


Our Environmental Analytical Laboratory was accredited under ISO 17025 standard.​ Our Engineering and Development area was created.


The Valve Calibration Workshop was created.


The Environmental Analytical Laboratory was granted the A Category by the OPDS (Buenos Aires Province Sustainable Development Office).


Extension of our laboratory infrastructure with bigger capacity for microbiology and physio-technical lab techniques. This included reorganization of the sector and new equipment, aiming to improve our team´s management of the volume of analytical results.


The Sustainability area is established as a new part of the company.

Our Clients

Our role is to contribute to the development of environmental solutions that provide value and improvement in quality of life for all parties involved.

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